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High speed and security are our pride at HostingRig. We have written this guide to help you optimize and your website according to our servers. We will keep this guide concise and easy to understand.

Enable SSL/TLS

SSL or better said TLS is an essential part of websites. We offer an unlimited number of SSL certificates to every user at no extra cost.

Log in to your control and you will see the option for SSL on the first line. You can also use the search bar to search for the required option.

Clicking on “SSL certificates will give you several options. You can create your own self-signed certificate, upload one, and so on.

You can also enable FREE SSL which will automatically renew. To do so, click on “Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt”. It will ask you to select domains and subdomains you want to be included in the certificate.

You can click on “wildcard” to have SSL for all of the subdomains. You can also check “Force SSL with https redirect” to redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS. Easy? Is not?

Enable SSL on DirectAdmin - HostingRig


Enable Cloudflare

Cloudflare is well known in the market. We at HostingRig offer Railgun free of cost to all of our users. Railgun is a premium feature of Cloudflare which comes with a Business or Enterprise plan.

Enabling Cloudflare

Watch this video to learn about adding your site to Cloudflare.

Enabling Railgun

Once you are done activating Cloudflare and adding the site, you may go to the “Speed” tab and enable Railgun in the “optimization” section.

Enable Cloudflare Railgun - HostingRig

Install LSCache

Our servers are powered by LiteSpeed and offer super fast speed. You can utilize this server better by using the LSCache plugin on supported CMS/platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

LSCache also offers free CDN and image optimization powered by Since we are using Cloudflare so there is no need of using this CDN. We will use its image optimization service only.

You need a domain key to use these services. Click on “Request domain key” to get the key, without any cost. You will see this option the first time you activate the LSCache plugin.

LSCache has optimal settings already configured. There are a few settings that you should enable manually though.

For example, you will have to manually enable image optimization, page optimization, and browser. You can find all this under LiteSpeed Cache settings.

Don’t enable “Instant Click”, it will affect your site as it sends a lot of requests to the server.

It is recommended that you clear the cache and disable the plugin when you are working on your website.

You can clear the cache by going to LiteSpeed settings > Toolbox and clicking on clear cache.


It is seen that most of the time people don’t update the software they are running their sites on. For example, WordPress users will not update WordPress core and themes & plugins.

This is a huge security risk and most of the time outdated software is the reason sites get hacked. You should update your software as soon as you can.

It is also recommended to update PHP. You can update PHP by logging in to your control panel. You can always return to older PHP if needed.

Have questions? Let us know by contacting support.

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